We are Connecting Business & the Marketplace to Christ (CBMC). CBMC Africa is an interdenominational, evangelical Christian organization comprised of national associations around Africa.


Connect with like-minded Chris an business professionals, as we work together towards establishing of genuine connections among members within the organization and the broader business community, and a more stronger connect on with Jesus Christ.


Empowering business professionals with the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge to integrate their faith into their daily work life effectively through various educational and training opportunities, such as seminars, workshops, and conferences etc.


Through mentorship, discipleship, and small group gatherings, members are encouraged to grow in their relationship with Christ and become more Christ-like in their character and conduct while highlights the importance of ongoing spiritual growth and maturity.


CBMC focuses on empowering individuals to become transformational leaders of integrity, influence, and impact. CBMC believes that Godly leadership is essential in all spheres of life, including business and the marketplace.



Connect3 (C3) Teams provide an environment where men can connect to God, connect to one another and for the cause of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the workplace. Also known as C3, these teams allow men to invest, support, and pray for one another. These teams have become invaluable in the process of Chris an growth within the men involved. C3 teams meet in ci es across the country on a regular (usually weekly) basis.



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Christian Business Men’s Connection is set apart as a unique marketplace ministry through relational one-on-one discipleship.