Dear brothers and Sisters, I am incredibly excited to address you today as the Chairman of CBMC Kenya. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I share with you the remarkable journey we have embarked upon with Connecting Business & the Marketplace to Christ (CBMC). CBMC is not just an organization; it is a game changer in both the marketplace and the Kingdom of God.
In CBMC, we believe that faith and business should not be separate entities, but rather beautifully intertwined. Our vision is to see every business and professional individual carrying the light of Christ into their workplaces, transforming their industries, and impacting lives around them. With a focus on ethical practices, integrity, and servant leadership, CBMC members stand as beacons of hope in an often challenging and complex business world.
What makes CBMC truly extraordinary is the opportunity it provides for personal and spiritual growth. Through our seminars, workshops, and conferences, we equip our members with the knowledge and skills to excel in their careers while staying true to their faith. Our mentors and small group gatherings foster an environment of support and accountability, helping each member to grow stronger in their walk with Christ.
Today, I urge you to join us in this transformative journey. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a seasoned business leader, or a young professional taking your first steps in the workforce, there is a place for you in CBMC. We have chapters across Kenya, ready to welcome you with open arms. Together, let us amplify the message of Christ in the marketplace and let our actions speak louder than words. By increasing our membership, we strengthen our impact, bringing positive change to our nation and the world.
In His service,
Antony Mutua,
CBMC Kenya Chairman

About CBMC-K

CBMC, which stands for Connecting Business & the Marketplace to Christ, is an interdenominational, evangelical Christian organization with a global presence. It is comprised of national associations and chapters that operate autonomously in various countries, including CBMC Africa. The organization's primary goal is to integrate Christian principles into the business and marketplace spheres, emphasizing the importance of faith and ethical practices in the professional world.
CBMC aims to empower individuals in the business community to live out their faith authentically and to bring positive change to their workplaces and the people they interact with. CBMC is not limited to any specific denomination or church but welcomes believers from diverse Christian backgrounds who share a common statement of beliefs. These beliefs center around the teachings of Jesus Christ and the transformative power of the Gospel.
Through a variety of initiatives, events, seminars, and resources, CBMC seeks to equip its members to be effective witnesses for Christ in their respective fields. The organization provides a supportive community where like-minded business professionals can come together, share their faith journey, and encourage one another in both their spiritual and professional growth.

Our Mission

For all in our movement to experience:

  • The Power of One God [Jeremiah 32:17] 
  • The Value of One Man [Luke 15:3] 
  • The Leverage of One Team [Ecclesiastes 4:9-10]
  • Resulting in personal growth and spiritual reproduction among business people and professionals throughout Kenya.
Our Vision
Present the truth of Jesus to business people and professionals, and to build teams and individuals to implement the great commission.


Faces Behind the Strategy:  Getting to Know Our Board Members 


Antony Mutua 

Chairman, Vice chair, CEO and Trustee
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Ritta Mutegi 

Vice chair
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Denis Kinoti 

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Omeno W. Suji

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